The Boon, Gonsalves and Hotaling families of Old Forge, NY continue their tradition spending the day cleaning up the bottom of Fourth Lake.

Ray Letterman of the FCLA and his family of Fourth Lake create a rain barrel during the MTC event.

Mickelson and Shaw families found lots of treasures while cleaning up the shoreline near Eagle Bay, NY.

Nolan family harvesting invasive terrestrial – (wall lettuce) plants along the shoreline near Eagle Bay. Before, after and on the way to the transfer station.

Harvesting terrestrial invasive plants. A family affair. The Nolan’s and Wrights. WINNER of a gift certificate of appreciation for their efforts!

The Hager’s’ (father and daughter) start building a rain garden. Project to be completed over the next several days with planting of deep-rooted native plants.

Names of the winners of the Best Project Award will be added to plaques that will be housed in the Town of Webb and Town of Inlet. Congratulations to Marie and Whitney for being the first to have their names engraved on the MTC plaques.

Marie and Whitney Schoenberg from Holiday Shores spent the day at Palmer Point educating boaters about the importance of a clean and healthy environment by distributing information on ways to "Maintain the Chain". WINNER of the 2021 MTC Event "BEST PROJECT" Award!

Mary Denn leads the Cherokee Road team in cleaning up trail heads from Old Forge to Inlet, NY. WINNER of a gift certificate of appreciation for promoting and participating in the MTC event.

Ivars Mikelsons of Fourth Lake visits a steward from the Adirondack Watershed Institute to learn about protecting our lakes from invasive species.

Emery Guck spent the day cleaning up Nick's Lake and beach both on foot and by kayake. WINNER of a gift certificate of appreciation.

Gail Lehman collected trash from Seventh Lake during the MTC event.

Ann Sury and Dick Morrison clean up White Rock Lake near their Texas home. With ties to Otter Lake, they felt the need to participate in the MTC event even though they live hundreds of miles away!

Adele Murdock Burnett combed a small beach on Fourth Lake and collected firework debris.

Natalie Barber and Mike Burline of Eagle Bay, NY cleaned a beach on Fourth Lake and cruised Third and Fourth Lakes picking up a variety of trash floating in the water.

Garynne and Hazel Rosato removed this 14 foot piece of lumbar from Fourth Lake along with a pipe, chain and rope. WINNER of a gift certificate of appreciation (largest item pulled from the lake).

Anthony Rocco enjoying ice cream after cleaning up the cove across from The View in Old Forge, NY with his wife Melissa. Turns out this is a weekly event for them.