Self-Directed Improvement Projects

What are Self-Directed Improvement Projects?

  • You decide on a project for the MTC event.

  • Choose a project that is important to you.

  • The project can be an individual or a team effort with an environmental focus.

    • Remove litter and debris from the shoreline or lake bottom.

    • Collect trash along the roadside, at campsites or on hiking trails.

    • Educate yourself or others about an environmental issue by creating a poster or video.

    • Observe and learn about controlling the spread of invasive aquatic and terrestrial species that threaten our lakes.

    • Learn about the dangers of harmful algal blooms (HABs).

    • Educate yourself and others on threats to ADK wildlife. Learn how to protect our loons.

    • Create a poster or video demonstrating why you "Love the Lakes" (great project for younger children).

  • See photos of our 2021 MTC Participants for project ideas.

  • Helpful Resource Material for planning your project.

  • Important Safety Checklist* (please read).

Submit project descriptions and photos to

  • Gifts of appreciation will be distributed to participants for creative and exceptional effort.

  • A “Best Project” award will be presented at the FCLA Annual Meeting.

  • Please submit project descriptions and photos to be eligible for a gift of appreciation or a "Best Project" award. Submission date TBA.

  • Deadline for submitting your project photos and description TBA.

*Your participation in the MTC event is at your own risk. Your decision to participate as a volunteer is made of your own free will.