An annual volunteer event comprised of self-directed, environmentally-focused improvement projects dedicated to 

preserving the beautiful lakes and watershed of the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

Maintain the Chain 2023

Sixty-one teams and more than 200 people participated in the 3rd annual Maintain the Chain (MTC) event! Thank you to all of our participants!!!

The "Best Project" award and gifts of appreciation will be announced in the coming weeks. Winners of the "Best Project" award will receive a plaque with their name(s) engraved on it.  In addition, names will be added to plaques housed in both the Town of Inlet and the Town of Webb public spaces.

MTC EcoArts Festival 

The EcoArts Festival at View Arts Center was also a huge success!  Thank you to all of the participating organizations who shared their expertise with our attendees - Fulton Chain of Lakes Association, Adirondack Council, Adirondack Watershed Institute, Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation, Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District, Raquette Lake Preservation Foundation, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, ADK Action and more!

Isabella and Nolan Boon began sprucing up the area around their Fourth Lake camp more than a decade ago. What began as a family tradition has evolved into a widespread clean-up event dubbed Maintain the Chain. The event not only focuses on maintaining the beauty of the Fulton Chain of Lakes but the entire Adirondack Park, as well. 

2023 MTC EcoArts Festival at View Arts Center in Old Forge

Winner 2022 MTC "Best Project" Award 

Luis Mikelsons from Fourth lake completed, not one, but three self-directed projects.  He visited an Adirondack Watershed Institute boat washing station, conducted water clarity measurements using a Secchi disk, and cleaned the lake front around his camp.  Congratulations Luis for a well-deserved honor!  

See additional photos of self-directed projects submitted by our 2022 MTC participants! 

The winner of the 2023 "Best Project" award will be announced in early September.

2023 MTC Participants and Self-Directed Improvement Projects

MTC participants conducted a variety of environmentally-focused self-directed improvement projects including lake-bottom, trail and roadside clean-up; planting pollinator gardens, creating a rain garden and measuring water quality using a Secchi disk.  Additional photos can be found on our MTC 2023 Event page.

Secchi Disks

Water clarity is an indicator of the impact of human activity on our lakes. If water clarity is measured throughout the season and from year to year, trends in water clarity can be observed. Diminishing water clarity can signal an early warning sign that human activity is negatively impacting the health of our lakes. MTC 2022 self-directed projects included obtaining water clarity measurements along the Fulton Chain of Lakes using Secchi disks created for our participants to share.  View the measurements obtained by our participants on the map below. Read a short report summarizing our 2022 participants' Secchi disk results as well as a spreadsheet that reviews the analyzed data. Stay tuned for results obtained by our 2023 MTC participants. 

Adirondack Water Week 

The weeklong regional event is a collaborative celebration of our freshwater resources and our precious watersheds. It is meant to raise awareness of water-related issues, recognize the value of water to our region's economy and environment, and highlight ways that people can protect our waterways. MTC is thrilled to partner with AWI to help protect the lakes and watershed of the ADK park.

Adirondack Council 

The Adirondack Council, founded in 1975, is committed to protecting the ecological integrity and wild character of the Adirondack Park. MTC is grateful and proud to partner alongside the Adirondack Council in our mission to preserve the Fulton Chain of Lakes and the Adirondack Park.

Leave No Trace

MTC is a proud partner of Leave No Trace (LNT). The Seven Principles of LNT provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors. 

By clicking the donate button, you will be redirected to the LivingADK website.  Follow the instructions to donate and THANK YOU for your support! Please visit our MTC Donation page for additional information, as well.

Stayed informed! Read the latest headlines from around the Adirondack Park.

Be prepared! Check out the weather before venturing out on the lake, on a hike or to complete an MTC self-directed project.

The Information Center webcams keep you in touch with your favorite places in the Old Forge area. View the webcams in Inlet to keep you up to date on snow accumulations in the area. Feel free to wander, but don't forget to come back and support MTC.  

The FCLA was founded in 1968 with a mission to protect the waters of the Fulton Chain of Lakes in New York's Central Adirondacks. 

MTC was founded by the Boon family and members of the FCLA in 2021 with the goal of engaging the community in an effort to protect the lakes and watershed of the Fulton Chain of Lakes in New York's Adirondack Park.

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