Through the Years

Above: Inspired by the Boon Family's yearly tradition of collecting trash from the bottom of Fourth Lake, the Fulton Chain of Lakes Association sponsors the first Maintain the Chain event in July of 2021. Sorting MTC T-shirts for our 2021 participants (John Jeffery, Nolan, Isabella, Maurits, Nate and Charlie Boon).

Getting ready for the 2022 MTC event; handing out flyers and packing the MTC tote bags (Carin Gonsalves, Isabella, Nate and Charlie Boon).

2022 MTC kick-off event featuring speakers from MTC (top, left - Carin Gonsalves)  Adirondack Council (top, middle, 3rd from left - Blake Neumann), Adirondack Watershed Institute (top, right- Tom Collins), Fulton Chain of Lakes Association (bottom, left - Mark Steigerwald) and the ADK Center for Loon Conservation (bottom, right - Dr. Nina Schoch.

See photos of our first EcoArts Festival (2023) at View in Old Forge, NY!


Sponsors, Supporters, and Endorsers of the Maintain the Chain Event

Fulton Chain of Lakes Association

Town of Webb

Town of Inlet

Adirondack Council

Adirondack Watershed Institute (of Paul Smith’s College)

Sixth and Seventh Lakes Improvement Association