Fulton Chain of Lakes

The eight lakes of the Fulton Chain of Lakes are on the Middle Branch of the Moose River.  The Fulton Chain of Lakes begins at Eight Lake and ends at the Old Forge Dam in Old Forge, New York. The outflow from Eight Lake flows through a 1-mile-long natural channel into Seventh and Sixth Lakes, the 0.4-billion cubic feet reservoir formed by the Sixth Lake Dam. The outflow from the dam flows into Fifth Lake in the hamlet of Inlet, New York, and then through the “Channel” in Inlet into Fourth Lake. First through Fifth Lakes are the 1-billion cubic feet Old Forge Reservoir formed by the Old Forge Dam. 

Fourth Lake is the largest in the Fulton Chain of Lakes. It connects to Third Lake through another short navigable channel. A 1.3-mile-long channel called the Narrows and the Old Forge Pond are the navigable connection between First Lake and the Old Forge Dam. 

About 10 miles downstream from the Fulton Chain and Old Forge the Moose River joins the South Branch of the Moose River. 

We hope that you enjoy the Fulton Chain of Lakes and join our mission to maintain this beautiful region of the Adirondack Park.

     Adirondack Wildlife

"Only if we understand can we care

Only if we care will we help

Only if we help shall all be saved"

-Dr. Jane Goodall

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