The Adirondack Park is comprised of over six-million-acres of land, 3,000 lakes and 50 species of mammals. It is a truly unique and special place. The Boon Family, including Maurits Boon and Carin Gonsalves, have vacationed in the Adirondack Park for over 20 years. Their children, Nolan and Isabella Boon have spent their summers falling in love with the park and creating happy memories that will last a life-time. When Nolan was 8 years-old and Isabella was 7, the Boon Family began cleaning up the bottom of the lake around their cabin. It began as just a fun-filled activity, but quickly turned into a labor of love as they discovered more garbage than they ever expected. They collected cans, bottles, food containers and hundreds of golf balls. Yes, golf balls, which take centuries to degrade, slowly releasing heavy metals into the water, and negatively impacting the surrounding wildlife.

Nolan (age 8) and Isabella Boon (age 7), (2011) the first lake bottom cleanup around their family camp on Fourth Lake.

Motivated by their desire to preserve this beautiful environment, the lake clean-up became a yearly ritual. Over the past ten years, Nolan and Isabella recruited help from family and friends, multiplying the amount of garbage collected with each excursion. Hauling bags of trash onto the shore gave them an incredible feeling of pride knowing that they bettering the environment, not only for the wildlife, but also for the local community, which relies upon this irreplaceable resource for survival. In hopes of inspiring others to protect the environment, Carin shared their efforts with the local newspaper ( As a result, the Fulton Chain of Lakes Association has pledged its support in establishing a yearly community event devoted to preserving the magnificent lakes and watershed of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. Please join us on July 10th and 11th and participate in their clean-up efforts to “Maintain the Chain” and keep the Adirondacks beautiful for generations to come.

Nearly 10 years after their first lake bottom clean-up, Nolan (center), Isabella (second from the right) along with their family and friends proudly display the trash collected from the bottom of Fourth Lake (2020).

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Sponsors, Supporters, and Endorsers of the Maintain the Chain Event

Fulton Chain of Lakes Association

Town of Webb

Town of Inlet

Adirondack Watershed Institute (of Paul Smith’s College)

Sixth and Seventh Lake Improvement Association