Headlines from Around the Park

A warmer-than-normal season could delay leaves changing, but heavy rainfall this summer could brighten their colors.

NYS DEC is joining the BearWise campaign. BearWise ensures that people, regardless of location, learn to live responsibly with bears to avoid negative encounters with black bears.

Students helped save a trout stream with the historic conservation practice of planting trees.  Warner Brook, Town of Arietta, has been negatively impacted by bank erosion for years, and the Halloween Storm of 2019 worsened the stream’s condition.  The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District teamed up with partners and students to get conservation on the ground and stabilize Warner Brook.

Scientists planning a far-reaching survey of climate change want to take the temperature of Adirondack lakes — continuously and at different depths. See what Adirondack lakes can tell us about climate change.

"Leave No Trace" tips for reducing your footprint while enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful Adirondacks.

New data from Lake Champlain basin lakes underscores the extent of salt pollution in Adirondack lakes.